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We do not waste time and money on unnecessary development. We deliver your most valuable features as quickly as we can to get your market feedback.
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We like new ideas. We are experienced in developing software products for Cyber Security, Blockchain Technologies, Payments and Learning industry.
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Laputan provides ERP solutions, IT consultancy, web design & development to Australian businesses. We provide Engineering and Cloud services to startups and innovative enterprise organisation. Our approach is to deliver quickly and get our customers feedback quickly in order to deliver the most valuable features to our users. Rather than, spending our customers’ time and money for features that not important to our users.


All of our websites are carefully designed before being coded by our developers to ensure your site is unique and bespoke. We have a collaborative design & development process, which considers our client’s feedback at every stage, to ensure 100% customers’ satisfaction


Laputan ERP is one of our products. It is a cloud based ERP platform helps organisations save time and improve productiveness by tailor making business processes to fit department, industry and company need. The following are some use cases of Laputan ERP
Human Resource Management System is used by businesses to combine a number of necessary HR functions…
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Accounting Management System allows a business to keep track of all types of financial transactions…
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Customer Relationship Management helps managing interaction with current and potential customers. It…
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Inventory Management System is processes and procedures that oversee the monitoring and maintenance …
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IT Service Management System is the activities that are performed by an organisation to design, plan…
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Supply Chain Management System help businesses to interact with numerous suppliers and partners in o…
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We help our customers save and money by identifying the most valuable features to the market when comes to develop new software products.


Developing software could cost a fortune if not managing properly. We are lean and we do not like building every upfront to guess what our customers want, but rather we go out and talk to our customers as we are developing our products to make sure we are solving our customers’ problem.


Laputan wants to make sure the money our customers spent will get the results they expected. And, we are confident in delivering the results. That is why we charge by results rather than charge by hour.


As a software development team, we always update ourself to make sure we are using the most appropriate, scalable, maintainable and up-to-date technologies suit customers’ needs.


Laputan is not limited to tailor making Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). Over the years, Laputan has served a wide range of projects from education, blockchain, cybersecurity, digital payment, IoT, ecommerce, insurance to venture capital.