Restaurant Ordering System

Laputan Restaurant is an online restaurant ordering system helps restaurants easily create their own menu and manage their orders online for free.

Why Laputan Restaurant

Laputan Restaurant is not just another online food ordering system, we advice our restaurants what would be the best when comes to having their ordering online and attract customers in your proximity.

A bit different from other online food ordering platforms. We are lean. That means we love hearing feedback from our restaurants and willing to making changes to our system to suit our restaurants needs. Any challenges our restaurants are facing, we are more than happy to hear them and implement the features if we can help.

Why Laputan Restaurant is free

Yes, we do not make money as our restaurants create menus and managing orders. How can Laputan Restaurant sustain? We only make money on our payment feature, but again, there would be no subscription fees whether this feature enabled or not. We will be charging as little as 2.4% if customers make their payment via credit card through our payment platform.

We would not like to take the benefits if our restaurants are not making money. We only like making money together and make life easier for everyone. And also, we are a strong believer that our restaurants will love us and every features we build will be beneficials for our customers.

Does Laputan Restaurant charge for other payment options

Laputan Restaurant only charge a 2.4% commission on credit card payment. If payments come from cash, WeChat pay and Alipay, there would not be any commission for these.

How we can setup Laputan Restaurant

Laputan Restaurant is not a self servicing platform. We need to better understand your restaurant before we can help your business. You will need to fill out the following form and one of our staff members will be in touch with you and set it up for you.